About Us

"About Us" currently means more "About Me", Erica Landin-Löfving, as I am the key consultant in Granat AB. The key competence Granat AB can offer "in-house" is strategic analysis, research analysis, communication and business development. For many projects I collaborate with a network of other consultants and service providers around the world. Their expertise ranges from technical sustainability, sustainability marketing, future/trend analysis, blockchain technology, brand development, media production etc. Food and wine are our shared key industries. 

Though I have spent the past seven years as one of Sweden's most international wine- and food journalists, I am an analytical scientist by training, with a background as an equities analyst and business development consultant for Biotech and Medtech. Wine became a hobby I couldn't shake and I re-schooled myself and built a good career as a wine writer. My interest in sustainability, born from an upbringing as the daughter of one of Sweden's key environmental journalists, grew along with my understanding of viticulture and oenology (wine growing and winemaking). The same went for food - the deeper the understanding of how our food is and can be produced as well as how the systems are structured, the more I felt that writing was an inefficient agent for change. The inherent waste and destruction of land and livelihoods as well as immense beauty and potential is too complex an issue for one person to solve. But it can be done, one step at the time, as a collaborative effort. 

Thus, I decided to go back to looking for projects where my analytical and problem-solving skills, together with an ability to simplify and communicate complex issues, could help improve these systems.  Though I currently have a few exciting projects in the pipeline, I am open for more suggestions and am happy to meet over lunch to talk about potential collaborations or jobs small or large. 

Academically, I have a MSc. in Medical Biology as well as a BSc. in Biology with extra studies in leadership and communications. I have studied wine and wine business on a high level through WSET and Grythyttan Gastronomical Academy (University of Örebro), winemaking through UC Davis. You can see my LinkedIN profile here.  

At home, when it comes to food, I am a "from scratch" cook with a focus on whole foods. I geek out on new topics, from gut biota to phytins to purple vegetables, and read for hours. My family gets to live with my many experiments and after a period of paleo eating are currently testing a vegetarian/plant-based diet with lots of sprouted grains and organic vegetables with additions from our hydroponic garden. They like it better than when I made the kitchen a bona fide lab for fermenting Kombucha.