“Shake the hand that feeds you.” ― Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

We've thought this through...

Food and wine are highly enjoyable parts of our lives, as well as our sustenance. But something has gone terribly wrong in our food systems. They are currently contributing up to a third of global greenhouse gases, using 70% of global freshwater and depleting our topsoils. Two billion people are malnourished while 600 million are overweight (some are both!) and the problem is growing with the global headcount. Many working in the food systems can't make a livelihood and traceability of products is poor. So do we give up? Of course not. Huge potential for improvement exist both through returning to old methods and implementing new technologies. From biodynamics to the blockchain, from FoodTech to crop rotation, from food waste to Circular Economy. We are dedicated to helping change our global food and wine systems through analysis, idea generation, business development and communication. 

Real food, real nutrition and real pleasure. Let's eat.